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It’s been more than two years, since I posted here. Much has happened in those years, much of it painful, not in the least because I largely abandoned my daily practice of study and meditation. As a result, I nearly forgot the truth of who I am: a loving Child of Goddess in whom She is well pleased. (T:4:I:8:6)

My favorite reminder of that truth comes from the Workbook for Students. Between Lessons 310 and 311, there is a short section titled “What is the Last Judgment?” Like many others, I feared God’s judgment (the use of “God,” instead of “Goddess” here is intentional, since it was a male God that I feared), because I knew, in the deepest, darkest part of my being, that I would be found wanting, that if anyone knew who I really was, they wouldn’t – indeed, couldn’t – love me, and it was love – and acceptance – that I so desperately sought to heal my heart. So, to read that this is “Goddess’ Final Judgment,” and, slowly, over the course of many days, weeks, months, even years, spent meditating on each phrase, begin to believe it, was – and still is – a profound revelation:

I am still Her holy Daughter, forever innocent, forever loving and forever loved, as limitless as my Creator, completely changeless and forever pure.*

I have begun to remember these truths over the last month or so as, out of pure desperation over the pain, fear and depression I have felt for so long, I have returned to daily study of the Course, combined with prayer, meditation and kirtan (singing the names of Goddess – more on that in another post). The peace that the Course brought me in the past began to return when I affirmed, to myself, my friends and the world, that “My goal is peace,” and to remind myself of that goal as I move through each day. Since then, my life has been transformed. After two dysfunctional living situations, I am now living with a dear friend in a beautiful home in the pines in Prescott where I feel safe and loved; indeed, where I feel home after just two short weeks. And, for the first time in years, I feel empowered to work, instead of blocked by procrastination, fear and shame.

So, thank you, Goddess, for guiding me back to the truth of who I am. And thanks to my new, loving friend, Khailitha, whose kind comments about my blogs this morning, brought me back here, inspired to write again about who I am and what I know to be the truth.

* I realize that these words are slightly changed from the original, but this is the way the words have come to me and proven most useful. For me, the Course works best when I personalize – when I internalize – the lessons it teaches.


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From today’s readings in A Course in Miracles:

Your worth is not established by teaching or learning.  Your worth is established by Goddess. . . .  [N]othing you do or think or wish or make is necessary to establish your worth.  (T:4:I:7:1-2, 6)

When you are afraid, be still and know that Goddess is real, and you are Her beloved Daughter in whom She is well pleased.  (T:4:I:8:6)

Goddess is not the author of fear.  You are.  (T:4:I:9:1-2)

Each of these statements carry great meaning for me and have helped me throughout my years of study to let go of fear and shame and live as the loving child of Goddess that I am.


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